My name is Timothy George, I was born and raised in Cublington, and would like to take this opportunity to tell my story.


I became a farmer because I love the outdoor life and the animals, and I know I wouldn't suit a desk job! Now that our small holding is growing, we can begin to sell our produce and maintain our good quality.

Since my early childhood, I could see across the fields from my bedroom window. I loved tractors and used to see them going through the village, and told my teachers I wanted to drive a tractor one day!

I attended Wingrave School with my four siblings for just over two years, but after being assessed for my learning difficulties, I spent the rest of my school days at Egerton Rothesay School in Berkhamsted.


After gaining my GCSE's, I was granted place at Moulton College in Northamptonshire, where I studied Agriculture. Followed by the adventure of traveling with my parents for four months.

After completing a range of farming vocational courses, I began work experience at 'Willowbrook Farm' and at 'Parrotts the Butchers Farm Shop', continuing to improve my skills in the Agriculture Industry.

During all this hard work, I went to Borneo with Raleigh International as an adventurer. This was a life changing experience and I have many stories which I am happy to talk about over a pint or two at the Unicorn!

As our business grew, me and my brother built our own tractor with the help of RGC in Mursley. I helped with pigs in the local pig cooperative and started growing crops.


Next we bought some Aylesbury ducklings and I started to build our small holding. We now have a small flock of Aylesbury ducks, and a herd of the rare breed 'Large Cornish Black' pigs (the best for sausages!)